Geographic information is used in many different contexts such as decision making, the analysis of natural hazard, transportation, land management, etc. The GIS-lab at the insit institute is a member of the geomatics group.

The goals of the GIS-lab are:
- The analysis of new data-sources
- The development and evaluation of innovative applications and systems

Key competences:

spatial databases, modeling, data infrastructures, interoperability, webmapping, spatial webservices, spatial analysis, GIS project management, geovisualization, human-computer interaction and interface design

Current projects

BioSentiers - Development of an augmented reality application for biodiversity

GeoTile - Vector tiling

Urbangene - Analysis of urban aquatic biodiversity

POTSOL - Detection of surfaces that are suitable for the installation of solar panels. Determination of potential power production

Green roofs - Automated detection of green roofs using cadastral footprints and aerial images


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R. Bullinger, J. Ingensand (Dir) (2014) Le SIG comme outil collaboratif pour les Grands Projets territoriaux. Master thesis.




Prof. Dr. Jens Ingensand
University of Applied Sciences
Western Switzerland at Yverdon (HES-SO)
School of Business and Engineering
Vaud (HEIG-VD)
Route de Cheseaux 1
1401 Yverdon-les-Bains

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