Geomatics group

Our research activities are centered around measuring the territory and its components, e.g. using top-notch topometric methods and techniques. The processing of geo-referenced data using GIS is also an important field of research.
Contacts :

The Geomatics group is active in the following fields of research:

Geodesy - Michel Kasser
Cadastral surveying - Béatrice Simos-Rapin
Topometry & Instrumentation - Vincent Barras
Geolocalization - Thomas Touzé
Photogrammetry - Bertrand Cannelle
Geoinformatics and GIS - Jens Ingensand

Some projects : 

Hauterive - auscultation LIDAR d'une falaise
FriFal - Visite virtuelle des murs de soutènement ainsi que la falaise de la basse ville de Fribourg